Part II - Havan EQ Program For Teens

Part II - Havan EQ Program For Teens

In the previous post, we explained how your purchase has helped the Havan EQ Program evolve and extend its coverage to teenager home. In this post, we will continue to share with you some insights we have gained since we launched EQ Program for teens in 2020.

“Auntie/Uncle, you are not a Gucci!”

Age is not just a number when we are dealing with teens. The average 2 decades age difference between the teenage participants and our teachers create a big gap. Teens’ choice of words, fashion taste, interests, favourite songs and celebrities are obviously different from the teachers. Teens generally perceive teachers as “uncool”, “boring” and “dull” adults, in short not a “Gucci” (good, cool or going well).

17 Again

Teens quickly shut down and put up a defensive front if they think our classes are a “meh”. Lesson planning becomes a challenge. Activities that are a great hit with kids are received with a cold shoulder. So teachers have to imagine we’re 17 again (and as good looking as Zac Efron, ahem!) when we plan lessons, so that we appear relatable and relevant to the teens.

Born to Be?

For teenagers who have not received EQ education before, certain habits and perceptions have been formed and do not serve them well. They are trapped in a fixed mindset. They do not believe nor have the confidence that they can learn to change. It really puts our skills to test to teach about regulations and relationship management to teens compared to kids.

Better Late than Never

Through trial and error and guided by our blueprint and fundamental principles “Measuring Social Impact”, Hany (co-founders of Havan Clothing) and teachers continue to fine-tune and customize the lessons to fit teenagers’ needs. We have slowly formulated a strategy when conducting our EQ Program – first attract teens’ attention, then sustain their interests to continue staying with the program as research has shown that consistency is the catalyst to success.

Never Too Old for K-Pop

Have you ever wondered why K-pop is so popular with youngsters nowadays? Many might think because the celebrities are born good-looking. However, we think K-pop celebrities have many positive qualities to teach our teens. They are creative and hardworking and oftentimes performing in a group to showcase their talent on stage with interesting and fresh dance moves. The grit, resiliency, team spirit and courage of these young people are the qualities we hope to instill to the teens through our EQ Program. And your continued support to Havan will help build the stage for the greatest performance yet to come. 

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