Part I – Havan EQ Program For Teens

Part I – Havan EQ Program For Teens

Havan believes

Havan EQ Program was initially designed for primary school children in 2016 with the belief that EQ education should start young to form a strong psychological foundation during the formative years.

Havan cares

Over the years, we have observed that small kids in our class grew to be teenagers and some of them went through tough challenges when puberty hit. Their emotional roller coaster ride became more intense. That’s how it got us thinking that EQ education should be extended to teenagers too. So, we rolled our sleeves and made some adaptation to our EQ Program to suit teenagers’ developmental needs.

Havan tries

In 2020, we officially launched our EQ Program to the teenager home and it has been a new learning curve for us. We need to learn about connecting with teenagers. In this 2 parts blog post, we wish to share with you our experience so far and how your contribution makes an impact on teenagers' life.

Understanding Teens

Teens are developing their personal identity at this stage. So, they tend to explore / challenge the status quo by engaging in behaviours / actions that may not be socially acceptable which could lead to a lot of resistance in their life. They often appear in “hangry” (hungry and angry) and “crashy” (crazy and trashy) mode.  It is therefore a great challenge to gain their trust and interest.

Nay to “know-it-all”

We need to make sure that we are not another “know-it-all” adult trespassing their territory and tell them what is RIGHT to do. They feel they have enough getting lectured, receiving intervention, or simply being told by adults that they are doing it all wrong. Our EQ Program for teens needs to be sensitive by not making our classes feel like we are preaching some moral standards which they then are forced to follow.  

We have more insights about the EQ Program for teens to share with you in the next post, stay tuned and thank you for making an impact on the life of young people by your purchase of Havan T-shirts.

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