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  • Havan Clothing x Re:Play Toy Hub: Learn Hard, Play Hard - Ethical Clothing & Social Impact

    Get ready for an epic collaboration between Havan Clothing and Re:Play Toy Hub that combines the joy of play, ethical clothing, and social impact....
  • Havan School Program x Chumbaka : Unleashing the Power of Learning

    Step into the enchanting world of education, where the magic of learning unfolds before our very eyes. Join us on an extraordinary adventure at Jum...
  • How Do You Feel Today?

    A rich and more complex feeling word allows children (and adults alike) to make finer discriminations between feelings. This helps them to better communicate with others about their internal affective states; and to engage in discussions about their personal experiences with the world. Ultimately, labeling is a way of validating one’s emotion by acknowledging it. 

  • Havan Channel Ep.9 Feelings Vocabulary

    The most common vocabulary we used to describe our feelings are happy, sad, angry, and stressed. 😃😭😡😖 In actual fact, there are around 34,000 emotions a human can experience!😲😲 The better you can name or describe your unpleasant feelings, the better you cope with them.
  • Mindfulness – Be. Here. Now.

    The common practice of mindfulness is through quiet-sitting meditation. Naturally, young people will not find quiet sitting appealing. So, we need to creatively infuse mindfulness concepts into the many interesting experiential learning activities we normally conduct during classes.
  • Havan Channel Ep. 8 Self-awareness: Be. Here. Now.

    Besides using the EQ pyramid as a spine structure in designing our Havan EQ program, we also integrate mindfulness practice in our EQ education.
  • How To Take Care Of A Cotton T-shirt?

    At Havan Clothing, we really love our t-shirts. We want to make sure that our customers (you) know how to take good care of it so that our clothi...
  • Havan Channel Ep. 7 Self-Awareness: Create Your Own Future

    One powerful activity to increase our self-awareness is to make a vision board. Vision board is a board that used to build a collage of words and images that represent our dream and goals.
  • To Be or Not to Be? ( that is the question)

    Based on our experience, we found that what effectively enhances the learning process is through asking the right questions during lessons when students present or express their work in the given activities. We believe that asking facilitative questions help the students to make deeper connections with themselves.
  • Havan Channel Ep. 6 Who Am I? Self-portrait

    Welcome to Havan Channel. I'm Dr. Hany. The objective to cultivate self awareness is to develop a sense of self. In another words, is to be able to answer the big question of “Who am I”

  • Havan Channel Ep. 5 The Peak of EQ Pyramid

    Finally, the fourth element in the EQ pyramid is the ultimate treasure that gives us happiness. It is called relationship management. Relationship management is everything about the skills to manage our relationships effectively and constructively. It covers topics such as negotiation skills, leadership skills, communication skills, and collaborative skills. I'm sure you are aware that these skills are so important because you need it when you work with others.
  • Havan EQ Program: Pandemic Version

    Like all other teachers, we found online teaching extremely challenging especially to keep students engaged in the virtual classroom. After more than a year of conducting online lessons, we have created some “secret recipes” to enhance students’ learning experience.