Havan Channel Ep. 8 Self-awareness: Be. Here. Now.

Havan Channel Ep. 8 Self-awareness: Be. Here. Now.


Besides using the EQ pyramid as a spine structure in designing our Havan EQ program, we also integrate mindfulness practice in our EQ education. Mindfulness is a state where we bring awareness to the present moment, feelings, thoughts, environment, and body sensations with kindness and curiosity. Mindfulness not only promotes self-awareness, it helps you to better focus, you feel calmer and less stressful.

That's why we always start our class with a ten-minutes mindfulness activity. So, the most common way to practice mindfulness is through quiet-sitting meditation which can be challenging for younger kids. So, we conducted interesting activities to introduce the mindfulness concept to the students. For example, mindful eating.

We gave each student an orange and ask them to pretend that they have never seen an orange before. So, we guided them to bring attention to the sensation of their hands holding the orange, to smell it, to examine the color, to shake it, to peeled it ,to taste the juice ,and to finally eat it. So, this exercise open up the five senses experience.

And interestingly, they discovered something new, even though it wasn't the first time they ate an orange. I will share with you more fun and engaging mindfulness activities that you can do it at home with your children. So stay tuned and spread the message.

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