Havan Clothing x Re:Play Toy Hub: Learn Hard, Play Hard - Ethical Clothing & Social Impact

Get ready for an epic collaboration between Havan Clothing and Re:Play Toy Hub that combines the joy of play, ethical clothing, and social impact.

Play Unlimited, just like Havan Clothing, believes in the power of play for well-being, building communities & social impact. Their Re:Play Project focuses on recycling and redistributing toys to underprivileged communities, tackling plastic pollution. Enter the magical Re:Play Toy Hubs, where you can buy or rent toys for some awesome 'Stay and Play' activities at the Re:Play Toy Library.

Recognising their shared vision, Havan Clothing and Play Unlimited joined forces to create something extraordinary. The chosen Toy Hub was in Subang Jaya's Daman Mall. The result? An unforgettable play workshop for the children in the Havan School Program.

Both Havan Clothing and Play Unlimited firmly believe that toys are essential for every child's upbringing. Throughout the workshop, the children explored recycling and upcycling through fun games. They even crafted their own toys using recycled materials, promoting mindfulness in a creative way. But the real highlight was yet to come!

Step into the wonderland known as the Re:Play Toy Library! The shelves were filled with dolls, cars, and cuddly stuffed animals, waiting to be played with. The children dove into imaginative role-playing and energetic rough-and-tumble sessions. The supervisors couldn't help but catch the contagious joy in the air. It was a sight to behold for everyone present!

This collaboration between Havan Clothing and Re:Play Toy Hub was an absolute blast, leaving no one untouched by the magic of play. The lively atmosphere and unique learning approaches had a profound impact on both children and adults. It was an opportunity for growth, creating unforgettable memories and fostering stronger bonds.

A huge shoutout to the amazing team at Re:Play Toy Hub for making this mind-blowing experience possible. This collaboration showed us that play is not only crucial for education and community development but also a gateway to pure happiness. So, embrace the power of play, ethical clothing, and social impact, and get ready for an extraordinary journey!

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