Havan Channel Ep.9 Feelings Vocabulary



Do you know by just naming the emotions, you’ll feel much better. In an experiment, four groups of people were exposed to a big spider. First group was asked to describe their feelings and experience being around the spider. The second group was asked to talk about what do they think about the spider, rationally. The third group was instructed to say anything that's irrelevant to the spider and the fourth group was not instructed to say anything at all. After a week, all of the participant were re-exposed to the spider and were told to get closer to the spider and touch it. Scientists found out that the first group that labelled their fear being around the spider performed far better than the other groups. They found out that they were less emotionally aroused, they got closer to the spider and their hands were less sweating. So, just by naming the emotions, it helps to ease out the intensity of the emotions. That's why, in Havan EQ program, we teach the children to expand their feelings vocabulary so that they can express themselves better. We did activities like drawing the Emoji or making feelings color wheel. Do check out our blog posts to find out more about this activity. I'm Dr. Hany. Thanks for watching and believing in our cause in developing a high EQ community. Stay tuned and spread the message.

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