Efforts Come into Fruition

Efforts Come into Fruition

Havan Clothing - Efforts Come Into Fruition


In our previous blog post, we shared with you how to measure the efficacy of the EQ learning Program that Havan has pledged to contribute 10%-15% of what our customers are paying to implement in the children's shelter homes (How We Measure Our Social Impact). In this blog post, we invite you to harvest the fruits of your contribution and our efforts based on our findings in the last 2 years.

5x more effective

Our findings indicated that children who completed our EQ Learning Program for one year show a 10% decrease of challenging behaviors based on surveys from their caregivers at the shelter homes. The results sprung 5 times, ie 50% if the same children stayed and consistently completed our EQ Program for TWO years. This proves that consistency is the key. Your purchase contributes to the sustainability of our EQ education. This number simply means the children have shown less temper tantrums and cooperate better with others that less bullying, stealing, and lying were detected. Essentially, they are calmer and focus better in class.


Havan Clothing - Survey Result


Voices that matter

We also collected the children’s feedback after completed the EQ program. We are proud to echo some internal voices from the children that have deeply touched our hearts:


Havan Clothing - Children's Survey


These internal voices will shape the external behaviors. We have witnessed the transformation of some children from being reserved, apathetic, and oppositional to open to learn, engaged, and collaborative. Their feedback has empowered us to continue championing the EQ program for more children to join.

Game Changer

A research shockingly shows that shelter home children are 10 times more likely to become sex workers, 40 times more likely to have criminal records, and 500 times more likely to commit suicide (sourced)Based on the figures and feedback we collected from our EQ Learning Program, Havan believes we are on the right track to be the game changer.

This is what motivated Havan and keep us going, and we can’t do it without your continued support.


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