How To Take Care Of A Cotton T-shirt?

How To Take Care Of A Cotton T-shirt?

At Havan Clothing, we really love our t-shirts. We want to make sure that our customers (you) know how to take good care of it so that our clothing is able to sustain its longevity over time.ย 

We outline a few tips and tricks about how a cotton t-shirt should be appropriately cleaned and cared for. By following our suggestion, you may be able to slow down the natural ageing of your t-shirts and eventually prolong the lifespan of your favourite t-shirts too!
1. Wash with normal temperatureย 
Cotton t-shirts do not go well with heat. If you wash your clothing with high temperature, it may cause the fiber of the t-shirt to deteriorate and eventually it will shrink or expand depending on the nature of the cotton. We suggest washing your t-shirts with normal temperature water of 30 degrees works best - it could also reduce the risk of yellowish marks under the armpits (eww!) or de-colourisation of your favourite t-shirts.

Pro tip: Washing at lower temperatures also helps to save your electricity bills and reduces the impact on our mother nature too!ย 

So, it's a win-win-win for all!
2. Wash with similar colours
Black with black - white with white! If you ever wonder why sometimes brighter colour t-shirts may have different colour spots on all over them after washing? To avoid that, you need to sort and separate your laundry by fabric types and colours.ย 

For example, sorting out workwear and sportswear and separating brighter colours with darker colours and washing them separately.ย 

Pro tip: Do not wash your new t-shirts with older clothing together - at least for the first wash.ย 
3. Wash & dry inside out
We highly recommend all our customers to wash and dry our t-shirts inside out. This little tip is able to avoid the risk of pilling of natural cotton, fading of colour while maintaining the outer surfaces of t-shirts.ย 

Pro tip: Alway, always ALWAYS to make sure you straighten and even out your t-shirts and hang it with your hanger for drying. This helps to remain the shape of the t-shirt and reduce the wrinkle of your t-shirt.ย 
4. Iron on reverse
Fun fact: cotton t-shirts by its nature are prone to wrinkles and creasing. This has nothing to do with the quality or specification of the fabric itself. If a t-shirt is wrinkle free, most probably it is not a 100% cotton t-shirt; it's probably a polyester cotton blend garment. *remember to check the care label*

If you too like your t-shirt to look neat and wrinkle-less, the best way is to iron the t-shirt on reverse. Remember, cotton does not like heat. So iron our t-shirts with low to medium heat.

Pro tip: Spray some water on the surface of the t-shirt before ironing. This will give the cotton fabric some moisture before ironing.

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