Havan Channel Ep. 7 Self-Awareness: Create Your Own Future

Havan Channel Ep. 7 Self-Awareness: Create Your Own Future


Welcome to Havan Channel. I am Dr. Hany

One powerful activity to increase our self-awareness is to make a vision board. Vision board is a board that used to build a collage of words and images that represent our dream and goals.

You need to prepare magazines, newspapers, flyers, brochures, or any printed materials. You need a pair of scissors, glue, one drawing paper or cardboard. The instructions are simple. Just flip through the materials and cut out any images or words that reflect your dreams and goal. You don't have to worry about the possibility of achieving the goal. Just cut it out if you like it and then paste them all on the board.

You may think that this activity is simple for a kid, but it involves self-reflection while choosing for the right images. They need to think about what inspires them, what motivates them. And images are powerful to help them to visualize the future. And it can empower them to set the intentions right to live a purposeful life. You may then facilitate the vision board by asking a set of guided questions to enhance their self-reflection process.

Click this link to viewΒ a set of guided question you can use to facilitate your child's work.

I have been creating vision board since I was 21 years old, at least once a year. Many goals and dreams are achieved over the years. That’s why I always know what I want to do and I live a purposeful life. So, make a vision board today! If you have never done it before.

Stay tuned, spread the message, and I will share with you another useful practice to increase our self-awareness in the next episode.

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