Havan Channel Ep. 6 Who Am I? Self-portrait

Havan Channel Ep. 6 Who Am I? Self-portrait


Welcome to Havan Channel. I'm Dr. Hany. The objective to cultivate self awareness is to develop a sense of self. In another words, is to be able to answer the big question of “Who am I”

In episode 2, I give an example of activity to cultivate self awareness by asking your kids to draw a self-portrait. And this activity should be enhanced by a Q&A session when they show you their Masterpiece. Good questions can help the kids to think further and connect the dots, these are called Facilitative Questions that serve to help them to be more aware of themselves.

So, click the link and we will send you a set of guided questions to help you facilitate your kids’ work.

This is the example self-portrait of a 11 years old. As you can see, she's not only being expressive through drawing, but with words as well. So you may ask questions like:

"What do you like the most in this drawing?"

"What are you wearing on your head?"

"Love ourselves and others around your mouth area. What is this about? Can you tell me more?"

"I see sad face and a smiley face at the side of your skirt. Can you tell me what's the story?"

"What action can you do to help you to think positive?"

So good questions like this can help them to reflect and to make sense of themselves. Learning activities should always pair with good reflection questions like this to help them make sense of their work. In the beginning, kids may not really answer your questions because they're not used to it.

They may shake their heads or shrug their shoulders. So we can give a little guidance by giving example. You may say, "For me, I learn to practice Positive Thinking by focusing on good people and good things around me."

Example like this help them to think about more practical actions that they can do to think positively.

So, in the next episode, I will share with you another fun idea to cultivate self awareness. So stay tuned and spread the message.

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