Havan Channel Ep. 4 - EQ Pyramid: Empathy

Havan Channel Ep. 4 - EQ Pyramid: Empathy


Welcome to Havan Channel, I am Dr. Hany

First two levels in the EQ pyramid are all about self - Self awareness and self-regulation.

The following two levels are all about others. 

EQ exists because we need to live with others, no man is an island.

So level 3  is social awareness. It is the ability to see things from other people’s angle or we like to call it empathy. 

Empathy helps us to stay connected with others through understanding other’s feelings and thinkings, so we can respond appropriately to the situation.
Instead of telling you all the benefits of being empathetic. I want to share with you what happens when a person is lacking of empathy. 

They believe 100% that  their own ideas or beliefs are right, and judge anyone who does not hold their beliefs as wrong.

They have trouble making or keeping friends.

They feel entitled to receiving favors and use you to serve their needs without showing appreciation. They will even get offended if they don’t get their way.
In a group setting, they will talk a lot about themselves and their lives without really caring about what other people share.

They tend to be rude, insensitive, or over sensitive and when they  hurt someone, they tend to blame others. 

So teaching empathy to kids is just like teaching  friendship skills that we will all appreciate no matter where we go. I will share more ideas on how to cultivate empathy in this channel.

Stay tuned, spread the message. We will talk about the peak of the EQ pyramid in the next episode.

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