Havan Channel Ep. 2 - What is EQ Education?

Havan Channel Ep. 2 - What is EQ Education?

Welcome to Havan channel, I am Dr. Hany

 IQ gives you success, EQ gives you happiness. How?

 EQ education is made up of 4 elements. I like to present it using the pyramid structure because the strong base at the bottom represents the basic but requires a huge amount of foundational work to move all the way up to the peak. I like to call it the EQ pyramid.

 Let’s start with the base, it is called self-awareness. 

 Do you know everything about yourself? Can you list out your strengths and weaknesses? Can you describe your personality? Can you identify your boundary? Do you know what motivates you? Can you express your feelings from time to time? Can you visualize your future?

 Self-awareness is the foundation in building your emotional intelligence. The more we know about ourselves gives us a better chance to manage and improve ourselves. 

 One lesson example to teach our kids about self-awareness is to ask them to draw a self-portrait. The process of drawing allows the children to think about themselves, to connect with themselves, and eventually to express themselves through colors and lines. Their drawing reflects how they see themselves as a person and allow them to get to know themselves better through their own drawing. 

 All the questions that I asked you earlier can be answered  through activity like this one? Yes!

So, adults! You should draw one too and I guarantee you will discover something about yourself that you never thought of.  

 We have created hundreds of lessons to cultivate self-awareness. I will share the ideas in this channel. So, stay tuned. Spread the message. Next episode, I will talk about the second element in the EQ pyramid.

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