Our Story, Our Mission,
Our Promise To You

Havan Clothing started with a simple mission: To inspire, empower, and educate underprivileged children. Our business model of sharing part of our profits to our social programs, allows our customers to have a direct impact on helping the underprivileged in Malaysia, thus making our business sustainable and scalable.

What started off as a dream is now a reality for our founders, Ivan and Hany, who together, curate interesting and effective Emotional Intelligence (EQ) learning programs for shelter home children across the Klang Valley. Artistic masterpieces then inspire the designs for our high quality products, thus making every t-shirt powerfully unique.

But we’re not in this alone. We want to inspire adults all over the world to listen to their children and to not just focus on IQ, but to recognise the youth for their limitless potential.

Which is why our goal is to engage and empower 1,000 children around Malaysia by 2025, and to send a message nationwide on the importance of EQ and not just IQ.

So come and join us, regardless of age, religion, or gender, as we dream for a brighter world where every purchase has a purpose, and where no child is ever left behind.

The Road To Finding Havan Clothing

A combination of our founder’s names - Ivan and Hany - Havan was the ‘dream come true’ of the husband and wife team.

Havan Clothing - Hany Cheng

Hany, a child counsellor by profession, has always stressed the importance of a child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as much as IQ. Prior to Havan’s inception, she was an active volunteer with shelter homes across Kuala Lumpur, providing free EQ lessons to the youth. After 4-months of seeing incredible results and transformations in children, she started believing in something bigger.

Hany now plays a pivotal role in Havan Clothing as Head Social Innovator - charged with Havan’s social outreach, lesson development, impact measurements, and teacher training.

Havan Clothing - Ivan Eng

The other side of the coin is Ivan, an MBA graduate fuelled by his passion for empowering children. Ivan left the corporate life to start Havan Clothing alongside Hany; managing the business side of the social startup.

Together, Hany and Ivan decided not to go through the NGO/NPO route, instead choosing a more scalable and sustainable method: to become a social enterprise, giving the opportunity for our customers to have the highest quality products while directly influencing the quality of our educational programs.

Thus, Havan Clothing was born! To transform a child’s creative expression into masterpieces that are unique to each shirt.

Giving you, our customer, a high quality product at half the cost, for a great cause.

A win-win-win situation, for all.