Havan Channel Ep. 5 The Peak of EQ Pyramid

Havan Channel Ep. 5 The Peak of EQ Pyramid

Welcome to Havan Channel. I'm Dr. Hany. Finally, the fourth element in the EQ pyramid is the ultimate treasure that gives us happiness. It is called relationship management. with a 3 levels support of the foundation: Self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness.

Relationship management is everything about the skills to manage our relationships effectively and constructively. It covers topics such as negotiation skills, leadership skills, communication skills, and collaborative skills.

I'm sure you are aware that these skills are so important because you need it when you work with others. There are many two hours or three days workshops available to teach these skills. Hopefully, you can master them just like how you learn up Microsoft Excel.

The truth is, you may feel motivated at first and then you forget everything and then you notice you still talk to your colleague in the same way that does not bring any benefits.

This is because when the foundation is not strong, it becomes shaky, it doesn't last long. For example, leader who has very little awareness towards emotions has problem to manage anger, will lash out on others easily. Especially leaders who have no empathy.

So, how do you expect a leader can just lead so well after by just attending three days workshop. So as you can see, EQ education requires a great deal of work, which is why the younger we start, the better, the easier. Stay tuned, spread the message.

And I will share with you some interesting ideas to cultivate self-awareness in the next episode.

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