Havan Channel Ep. 3 - EQ Pyramid: Self-Regulation

Havan Channel Ep. 3 - EQ Pyramid: Self-Regulation


Welcome to Havan channel, I am Dr. Hany

We talked about self awareness as the base in the EQ pyramid in the last episode.

Today we are moving up to level 2 in the EQ pyramid - that is self-regulation.

Self-regulation means how do you manage, adjust, balance, and supervise yourself. 

In level 1, having self-awareness helps us recognise our feelings, needs, or desires. So, the next step would be how do I manage this bunch of information. 

For example, I am aware that I am angry at a person who just shouted at me because this treatment is not acceptable in my reality. So, to manage my anger, I have many options. 

The easiest and quickest way is to shout back to defend myself, or, I keep the anger to myself because I am afraid to fight back, or, I can walk away and cut off my relationship with this person, or I can take a deep breath and tell this person that I am not for shouting, when you calm down you can come back to talk to me. 

There are so many ways to respond to this situation. The only problem is have we learnt what are the choices available to us at the moment in time? Most of us tend to react in moments without considering the choices that we have. As a result, these reactions end up hurting yourself and others. 

By learning self-regulation, we are training ourselves to respond in a way that is protecting yourself and others.

We have taught hundreds of lessons in self-regulation and I will share with you all in this channel. Stay tuned, spread the message. See you next time. 

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